Monday, March 31, 2008

Slaves S

I found just another bit of information on the slaves and when they started. I looked into the Wikipedia page on African Salve Trade. I also went to teh site African Values in the Smithsonian Natural History Web: African Voices. When the slavery started out many centuries ago, peole were put in shekles and forced to aboard ships that were very, very small. Around the 1400's is when this was going on too prett heavily. Europeans colonized to America wheer they had enslaved labor for their mines and plantations. These Africans were brought over in the thousands to be traded off for money, or coins. There was much talk to the African elites to purchase these slaves. These slaves were taken as prisoners of African wars or caught in European-led expeditions. Millions of these slaves fopught for freedom, and weren't able to acheive it. These slaves were vorught from Sahara, tying in to the Arabs slave trade. Then it was just natural to see asalves all over and to be traded and bought. Even though it was illlegal, it was popular all over the world to have slaves, even in Africa itself.There were about 4 million fromthe Red sea, and 4 million through Swahili ports of Indian Ocean. 9 million were brought from trans- aharan route, and 11-13 million from Atlantic Ocean. These people later on were not enslaved for life. They were able to buy themselves out of slavery and even get social promotion. They was also marriage between captor and captive.
There were between 1 million to 1.25 million Europeans captured by Barbary pirates and sold as slaves to N. Africa and Ottomen Empire between the 16 to 19 centuries.
Women were also very sexually abused when they were slaves. They were forced to have sex with their "owners" wenenver the other demanded it. So it was very devasating to see all of the punishment that went on with these people's lives and how they were taken from all of thes different areas and treated as animals.

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