Friday, March 14, 2008

"What I am"

African Cultures
Spring 2008
Professor Mullins
Michelle Ludwig

Well I found an article on the Africans coming here to the U.S. to take college classes. We will shortly discuss the way it is here for them somewhat and a few of the differences of there schools in Africa. I found this information on the Daily Utah Chronicle, “Group Promotes African Culture” by Jamie Winston. The artuicle was put out on the paper February 16, 2008, but she wrote uit September 28, 2007.

Many college students come here to the United States to learn and get their college degrees. They want to see how things are here-like the living, and ways they deal and feel on different ideas.The African Student Union assists stuents when they come here to the United States. When they arrive here, they are transported from the airport and they are then taken to homes near the campus. They stay with families that are there and willing to help them. There are many students form all over Africa like Burundi, Somalia, and Sudian.

It is really hard to make change in community settings. One person from Africa said that in Africa said that general attitudes there are based around community and Americans general attitudes are individualistic. The cololeges are all so different in their ideas and ways to handle and teach things.

There are also ambassadors invited over here from Niagria and South Africa. They are over here to come to guest lectures. It can also be very hard for an African that is over here in school to see another of their blacks/ Africans on the campus there. It is said that it can be many days if not months before they will see another of their kind.

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