Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dr. Blomfield

Well I got to go and listen to Dr. Blomfield for a some time to listen to her speak about the women and how they handle many things in Islam Unfortunately I did not get to hear every minute, because we had to leave a few mion. early. The things that drew my attention were these things--that over in Islam, the people over there think that the women in U.S. are bad, like maybe towards porn. That is too bad to see. Also the women are not able to show their heads or faces-they don't wear a scarf but it is like a head cap. When they caome to our countary, they love to have the freedom of religion and to be able to wear what they want. They do not have human rights inm Pakastan so when they come here, they love to see and feel that they have the same rights aas anyone else.
When women had babies, if it was their first and it was a girl, they burried it alive. And men have to pay money to marry the women. ANd they also marry in the family, like first cousins or second cousins. They like to know the person they marry.
Also when they get the divorce, they each get half of everything. But the children go to the fathers side. It goes this though the blood line. And they also can't get the divorce until 3 months and 10 days after they file for it, becuase of the chance of being pregnant.
Women are also allowed to breast feed heir children for 2 years. And when the women make the money, it is all thiers, not the mens. 60% of muslim women have college degrees. And these people came over here for freedom and religous rights.
The women must wear a veil, and everything must be covered. The veil is from the visintein time. They decide every woman should cover, and the reason everyone wears scarfs at times is because of the sand in the wind.
Profit Mohammad had 11-15 wivews, and they were all widows or orphans and one of them was a virgin.
She was very fun to listen to and she showed how the women over there dress. She went to school in California and dressed this way for I believe two years. It was all very interesting.

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