Friday, April 18, 2008

Africans Diet

I got this from and article saying the Diets of Africans - Nutrition and Wellbeing

This was an article about the AFricans when they origionated and what they ate. They fuirst started out from apes, like all humans. It is felt that the selection pressureled to the bipedapism which was becaus eof the food that was found underground, like potatoes. One of the most fertile centers of Africa was Nile Valley. They had lots of fish and animals and plants to eat there. But in the dryer areas, like Sahara, after 6000BCE, tribes had cattle , goats, or sheep. They got cereals and tubers (yams). Spices and other foods were introduced into their culture.
Now they usually have vegetables, legunes, and some meat. But they are not able to eat much meat because it is not easily available because of economic constrants. Fish is quite popular though.They do put a bit of meat in the stews and foods for taste. They combine the foods and make stews, soups, and sauce.
They now also have rice, banannas, dates, melons, pineapple, cashews, and a few other fruits.They also are able to have flat bread. They did have a major familne in the late 1900's And there are still so many places that are very low on finding food, and food is much different than we have here. Food here in the United States is very available for almost all people, but over there in Africa they have a scarce suppley of many different types of the food that they are ablt to get for themselves and family.

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