Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gangs in S. Africa

As I read- S. Africa Gang Culture in Cape Town, I learned of the gang life going on in this area of A. Africa. Cape Town has counseling helping to change life of thousands of gangsters in Cape Town. These gangs have rituals of killing people and raping them to become involved in the gangs. One of the gangs s Thug Life Gang. This one is well known for making crystal methamhetamine concoction known as tik. It makes their customers aggressive and fearless. It is a drug that last for 3-4 hours. It sounds like meth that is used here in the U.S.
These gang members get sent to jail , it is the way of life there. There family arcestors for generations before were also involved in these gangs.
these gangs have been there since after the second world war. Only 23% patients in rehab used this drug, and now there is 37%.
There were 2187 children under 18 incarcerated in S. Africa prison, 1109 waiting trial , and 1073 serving sentences in the prisons there in Africa. They feel that the people at the bottom or the top of the gangs and when they are caught are not needed to be helped as much as the ones that are in the middle. They are trying to help all of these people get out of the gang life, but that is obviously not possible. So we see how there are gangs all over the world, even in S. Africa.

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